VK100WIA – Back to the Future

VK100WIA is suffering the curse of most attempts to run special call signs across multiple operators.

An inability to understand UTC date.

On the East coast of Australia, at this time of year, we are 10 hours ahead of UTC. Put simply if it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon here UTC is 0400. If it is midday here UTC is 0200. If it is 8 o’clock on Sunday 23 May here UTC is 2200 on Saturday 22 May.

This concept of UTC date being different to the station date is something some hams never seem to get their head around.

The online log for VK100WIA, captured here at 7:19 AM, 23 May 2010 EST (which is 21:19 22 May 2010 UTC), shows stations worked at 14:59, 23/05/2010 UTC. That is about 17 hours from now, so I should be able to catch them.

Whenever I have trouble with time zones I like to check the World Clock here.


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