QSL card sent, LOTW next.

After a few nights of writing out QSL cards I dropped about 300 cards off at the inward QSL bureau and picked up 3 new cards that had arrived. I will be interested in seeing how many new cards I get now I have sent so many cards out.

Having done all the paper cards I now turned to how I could track them electonically. I read on qrz.com of a logging program called Win-EQF*. I downloaded the trial version and have now entered all my HF QSOs into it. This now allows me to upload the log to eQsl.cc and the ARRL Logbook Of The World.

I have mailed off my licence info to the ARRL in the USA and I am now awaiting an email with the secure key to complete my registration. Once registered I will upload the log to LOTW and see what happens.

All I need to do then is sort the unique VK QSO from my contest logs and send cards to them as well. That way every HF QSO I have made would have been sent at least one QSL card, unless I know they do not accept cards ‘via the buro’.


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