Oceania DX Contest

My effort for the OCDX contest last weekend was never going to be serious. I would be happy with whatever time I could get to contest.
I had been away during the week and really needed to get some things done around the house. Since the weather was fine I had no excuse to not mow the grass and do many other things that needed to be done.
This left little time for contest.
However, I did what I could. The antennas here are not good, and the local noise is never helpful.
I first set out to make at least 50 QSO. This came late on Sunday morning so I thought I would try for 60, then 70, then aim for 100. I fell one QSO short finishing off with 99 QSO and about 20800 points.
What did surprise me however was that I had worked 9 new DXCC entities during the day.
This was my first OCDX contest as a single operator and hopefully next year I can give it a better go. No chance of getting near the top from this QTH however.Once the contest was over I exported the ADIF and Cabrillo files from VK Contest Logger and within a couple of minutes I had submitted my log, updated my log book, and sent the new QSO details to eQSL.cc and LOTW.

At least that part was easy!


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