Time to go back in the hills

After a break of nearly seven weeks, although it seems longer, I am at last preparing to return to the hills.

There has been so much else going on that I have had no time for SOTA.

Early plans are being made for Glenn, VK3YY, and I to have another crack at Mt Saint Phillack, VK3/VT-006, and Mt Useful, VK3/VT-016. We attempted these hills back in August but didn’t make it to either due to heavy snow falls. 

The weather has been warming up for the last few weeks and the snow is gone from the nearby Mt Baw Baw so access should be easy.

Mt Saint Phillack is within the Baw Baw National Park so we will be activating the park as part of the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award.

All going well we will be on air next Sunday, 29 September.


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