The Paps, VK3/VE-204 activation

With my new job I have the privileged of traveling around Victoria and sometimes find myself near to a SOTA summit. Usually when this happens I don’t have time to stop for an activation or I don’t have a suitable radio with me.

Today I was heading near two summits, VK3/VE-008 Mt Buller and VK3/VE-204 The Paps and I had taken my radio gear along in case an activation was possible. I didn’t have time to stop long at Mt Buller so was unable to activate it however my work near The Paps finished early enough for a short activation.20141009_171348

The Paps is located south of the Maroondah Hwy, about 6 kn west of Mansfield. A sign on the highway points to the access track running initial through a farm paddock to the Paps Scenic Reserve. The track to the reserve gate is in good condition. The road to the summit has some large drains cut across it and is a little steep in places. I had no problems ascending the hill in a Toyota Hilux 4×4 but a 2WD may struggle.

I set my linked dipole on a 9 metre squid pole and, after pos20141009_164910ting a spot on SOTA watch, worked 9 stations on 40 m before packing away and heading home.

I hope to be able to incorporate more activations with my work activities in the near future.


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