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Watts on the bench #7 – A chronulator

Back in July 2011 Hayden, VK3FRST, Ash VK3FASH, and I spent some time at the old VK3SCG station located in Cleve Cole Hut at Gilwell Park. We were there providing an amateur radio activity for the Communications Patrol Activity Camp. … Continue reading

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Watts on the bench #4 – PIC programmer

On the bench today is an Altronics kit, K9505, PIC Programmer. I bought this kit so I can re-program the PIC in my BITX20 as the frequency offset value is incorrect. It’s capable of programming many chips such as 8 … Continue reading

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Back to ‘The Prom’, back to hiking

Next Monday, 14 March 2011, is a public holiday in Victoria so I am making the most of the break and I am head back to Wilson Promontory. Unlike my last trip to the Prom, this time I will be … Continue reading

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Watts on the bench #1 – 100 W dummy load

This is a new section to my blog where I will detail what is currently on the work bench. It may be a kit under construction, a radio under repair or some dust from inactivity. Whatever it is, if it’s … Continue reading

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VK Powermaster fails after more than 25 years

On Monday I put out a CQ SSTV on 20m and when the transmission was finished I looked over to the receive screen and saw the waterfall display was empty. No signal was being received. Not even noise. I went … Continue reading

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